Green Tile

Green tile can add a unique and refreshing aesthetic to a space. It has risen in popularity because of its ability to create a tranquil envornment that feels connected to nature. Its shades range from soft pastels to deep, rich hues which allows for it to fit a diverse array of design styles; from soothing subtle accents to bold statements. It adds visual interest and depth to a space, especially when paired with complementary colors or patterns. Since green is often associated with health, vitality, balance and sustainability, using it in areas such as the kitchen or bathroom can reinforce a sense of well-being and promote a healthy lifestyle focused on fresh, natural elements. Whether incorporating a subtle hint of g or a bold statement wall, green serves as a fresh, inviting alternative to traditional neutrals. At Concept II, we can’t get enough of this vibrant color. Check out some of our favorites green tile combinations below!

Get Inspired

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Words from Our Clients

“Concept II offers a tremendous selection of tile in a range of prices. Products are thoughtfully displayed providing inspiration and making for an easier shopping experience, especially compared to the typical big-box store.”

- Melissa B.