Mixed Materials

Sometimes just one material doesn’t achieve the design aesthetic you want in a space. That’s where mixed material tile comes in. With infinite design applications and innovative manufacturing, this type of tile comes from using multiple materials to achieve an elevated, unique look.

Mixed material tile artistically pairs various combinations of ceramic, stone, metal, glass, basalt (glazed lava stone) and shell together to create a dynamic design with depth and substance. The design possibilities with these pairings are endless – whether its ceramic and stone, stone and metal, metal and glass, or glass and shell, suppliers are constantly finding new and innovative ways to seamlessly merge materials together, often in the form of a mosaic. While this tile tends to be more expensive than single material options, more affordable options have become available in recent years that mimic the look of expensive designs.

How to Select Mixed Material Tile for Your Home

When selecting mixed material tile for your home, be mindful of both the application and maintenance. Usage can vary with this type of tile and there is no “one size fits all” rule for where it can be applied. Mixed material is typically used as wall tile, but certain types can be used as flooring. Depending on the materials used, only some types should be used within a shower or other moisture-prone areas and varieties that contain metal cannot be used in areas with high temperatures such as near a stove or fireplace. The maintenance for it will also vary depending on what it is made of and some may even come with special care instructions for both maintenance and installation.

At Concept II, we curate a high-quality selection of mixed material tile from a variety of sources to fit your budget and make your project look the best it possibly can. View the gallery below for inspiration and then stop into our showroom to see more of what we have available.


At Concept II, our designers carefully curate all of the lines we offer to provide a robust collection of tile for you to choose from. From high-end specialty artisans to well-known suppliers, our range of options ensure you will find the right type of tile to fit your project - and your budget. Explore a few of our mixed material collections below or stop into our showroom to see more tile options for your home.

New Ravenna

Terra Bella


Elon Tile + Stone

OTTO Tile + Mosaic

Encore Ceramics

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At Concept II Tile we take great pride in providing the area’s most discerning homeowners with a generous selection of premium, high-end and luxurious tile from the industry’s most esteemed artisans and manufacturers. Whether you’re remodeling a single room or your entire home, you simply won’t find a better combination of superior quality, diverse selection and expert customer support.

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