Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is a great choice for many areas of your home. It is often used in kitchens and bathrooms because of its resilience to water, however, that same low-maintenance finish is desirable for other areas as well. Today’s homes often feature an open concept with one room flowing seamlessly to the next, and therefore, homeowners are opting for flooring that can be carried through multiple rooms, only needing to choose one or two types of flooring for the entire house. Having a consistent floor throughout every room creates a beautiful, elegant look.

When choosing a tile for use on a floor, you will want to make sure that the manufacturer has rated it for floor use. The floor use certification means that the surface is going to stand up to traffic over time. Many different materials can achieve floor rating status including porcelain, ceramic, cement, natural stone and even some glass tile

There are several factors to consider when choosing between materials. First, determine if the floor finish is the feature focus, or if it is a supporting player to something else in the room. Depending on if you want to make a statement, stick to a specific budget, or need somethign that is highly durable with little maintenance, these considerations will help narrow down your options for flooring

Tile Flooring for Your Home

At Concept II, we appreciate the nearly limitless options tile presents when it comes to enhancing the look, feel and dynamic of your home’s various living spaces. If you are looking for a stylish, durable finish for a floor or wall in your home, tile could be the answer—no matter the room. Tile is a great option to enhance many different areas of your home including the fireplace, foyer, mudroom, laundry room, wine room, tabletop, bookshelf, wet bar, stairway, basement, garage, ceiling or outdoor patio.

Each area has its own set of considerations based on use, ease of maintenance and desired aesthetic. In most cases, the options available will include a wide range of materials including porcelain, ceramic, glass, stone, metal, concrete or a mix of multiple substances. As with any tile selection, the amount of square footage and budget are important considerations that will help to get started.

AKDO Carrera Checkerboard in Moss Green

Foyer Flooring

The foyer boasts pure flooring and serves as the ideal place to make a statement as someone enters your home. How you plan to use this space will help determine the type of tile that is most appropriate for your home. If the foyer is your main entrance, you may opt for something highly durable and easy to maintain such as porcelain. Or, if you are looking to make a grand statement, opting for natural stone such as marble might be more appropriate. Also, consider what other flooring in in the rooms the foyer tile will touch such as a living, dining or powder room. Coordinating with these adjacent spaces will create a purposeful, cohesive look for your space

AKDO Fika Parquet Fjord

Wood Look Flooring

Wood-look flooring combines the aesthetic of real wood flooring withthe durability of porcelain tile. Popular for use in really any room of the house, wood look tile is resistant to water, stains and scratches and will not warp or splinter like real wood. Today’s options for this type of flooring come in many sizes and colors, making it possible to achieve the look that you need with less worry of upkeep and wear and tear overtime

AKDO Infinity Convex Dolomite

Heated Flooring

TIle and stone are perfect to use with under floor heat systems because of their ability to conduct heat efficiently. While they are most popular in the bathroom, they can actually be added to any area of your home to add warmth and comfort. Tile made from porcelain or natural stone are both desirable to use with under floor heating because they have a high thermal conductivity, meaning they transfer heat efficiently. These materials also retain heat well making the system more efficient, because it will heat up quickly and then keep the floor warm with less energy

ARTO Roman Pavers & Villagio Bricks in Antik Gray

Outdoor Flooring

There are many options for outdoor flooring with variation in size, pattern, color and materia availablel. While it is common to see porcelain that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, we do not recommend it for outdoor use here in New York due in extreme weather conditions. Instead, we opt for using concrete pavers which are more weather-resiliant and installed with gravel instead of grout making them able to withstand fluctuating temperatures. Regardless of what material you select, ensuring your outdoor tile is frost proof and freeze/thaw resistant is most important to ensure it can withstand the conditions of your specific region.

Tile Flooring Inspiration

View the gallery of beautiful tile flooring to inspire your next project. Then, stop into
our showroom for free design assistance to pull together the right tile for your space.

Selecting Tile for Your Flooring

The possibilities of how you can use tile in your home are endless—from bold statement tile in a foyer to elegant, timeless designs that are carried throughout the home—the art of designing lies in selecting materials you love that come together to create your own feeling of home. When selecting tile for your living spaces, consider the practicality, design and budget for each room or area.

At Concept II, we curate a high-quality selection of tile to fit any room and budget. Our designers are available to walk you through the various collections and help choose the right tile for your space. View our tile portfolio or stop into our showroom to see all that we have to offer.


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