Bathroom Tile

When selecting tile for any room (and particularly in the bathroom), we like to start with first understanding what is most important to you, as the best tile will depend on your personal preferences. Other things to consider are your budget, maintenance philosophy, style preference and the era of your home. Once these factors are outlined, it will be simpler to narrow down the type of tile that may work well for your space and best fit your lifestyle.

There are many areas within a bathroom that could be tiled based on either necessity or aesthetic. Some of the most common bathroom areas to tile include the floor, shower/tub surround and shower floor. Each area comes with its own set of considerations and plenty of options to choose from!

Bathroom Floor & Wall Tile

In addition to the overall design aesthetic of the space, it is important consider the practicality of the tile you select for your bathroom floor and walls. A porcelain or ceramic choice allows for a more maintenance free path, where a natural stone would need to be sealed. The color and size of the tile is important too. Large tiles and light colors tend to make the bathroom look more spacious, whereas darker colors will create more of a moody atmosphere.

Terra Bella Diamant in Morning Blue

Shower Floor Tile

When it comes to tile for your shower floor, selecting the appropriate size tile is important to allow for the proper drainage of water and reduce the risk of slipping. Showers with traditional center drains require smaller tile for the floor (typically 3” or smaller) whereas those with a linear drain can use larger sizes. Small tile allows for the appropriate slope needed and extra grip in a wet area. Additionally, this is an area where you can be creative or adventurous with design. Mosaic choices are abundant and can be style-defining.

Terra Bella Acurve Grand Kindred Asian Carrara

Tub & Vanity Splashes

It’s important to protect the walls of your bathroom from areas that can be potentially splashed. The most common examples of this are the area surrounding the bathtub and the wall behind the vanity. Both areas present an opportunity to have decorative tile that serves a practical purpose while also achieving a desired aesthetic. When choosing tile for this space, the possibilities are endless. Ceramic and porcelain are popular choices, but glass or natural stone tile can also be used to create a beautiful statement.

Bathroom Inspiration

View the gallery of beautiful bathrooms to inspire your next project. Then, stop into
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Selecting Tile for Your Bathroom

The possibilities of how you can use tile in a bathroom are endless—from dramatic and bold statement tile to elegant, timeless designs—the art of designing lies in selecting materials you love that come together to create a relaxing, spa-worthy retreat in your own home. When selecting tile for your bathroom, consider the practicality, design and budget for each area within the room.

At Concept II, we curate a high-quality selection of tile to fit any room and budget. Our designers are available to walk you through the various collections and help choose the right tile for your space. View our tile portfolio or stop into our showroom to see all that we have to offer.


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