Natural Stone

As its name implies, natural stone is sourced from the earth and offers an elegant, authentic look to any home. Many people choose it due to its beauty and uniqueness – there is nothing quite like it to add warmth and serenity to a space! Unlike manufactured tile, natural stone provides an element of history and is reminiscent of countries such as France and Italy where stone is very common and has been used for centuries. Natural stone can refer to many types of materials including marble, granite, travertine, slate and others. Its durability and resilience depend on the type of stone with many requiring periodic sealing to protect against stains and moisture infiltration.

Clients can expect to receive variation in stone which is free and open, giving it the original, authentic design aesthetic many are seeking. It can be used pretty much anywhere in the home including on walls, floors, and backsplashes and its heat resistance lends itself to be used for high temperature areas such as kitchens and fireplaces. Stone is, however, susceptible to freeze/thaw conditions so using it for outdoor applications can be challenging.

How to Select Stone Tile for Your Home

When choosing stone tile, homeowners should understand the variation in color, which can make it difficult to pinpoint a certain shade or palette. Aside from slate, most natural stone tends to be more expensive than other materials, which is why it is often viewed as a premium product. The exclusivity, variation and timeless elegance is what makes stone so beautiful, but each are definitely considerations when choosing this material. It also requires some maintenance to clean and protect and could be more prone to etching and scratching overtime.

At Concept II, we curate a high-quality selection of natural stone tile to fit your budget and make your project look the best it possibly can. View the gallery below for inspiration and then stop into our showroom to see more of what we have available.


At Concept II, our designers carefully curate all of the lines we offer to provide a robust collection of tile for you to choose from. From high-end specialty artisans to well-known suppliers, our range of options ensure you will find the right type of tile to fit your project - and your budget. Explore a few of our stone collections below or stop into our showroom to see more tile options for your home.

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At Concept II Tile we take great pride in providing the area’s most discerning homeowners with a generous selection of premium, high-end and luxurious tile from the industry’s most esteemed artisans and manufacturers. Whether you’re remodeling a single room or your entire home, you simply won’t find a better combination of superior quality, diverse selection and expert customer support.

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“Concept II offers a tremendous selection of tile in a range of prices. Products are thoughtfully displayed providing inspiration and making for an easier shopping experience, especially compared to the typical big-box store.”

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