arabesque tile design on a wall with a table and decor in front


noun ar·a·besque

Simple Definition of ARABESQUE:

• a complicated decorative design made with many lines that curve and cross each other
• a ballet position in which the dancer stands on one foot and holds one arm forward while the other arm and leg are held out behind
Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary

This shape and style has become SO popular in interiors in general.

collage with objects inspired by black and white moroccan spice pattern

moroccan style vase, mirror and decor

I personally like the broader definition and the way the Arto Brick & Tile chooses to define the shape…

There are many reasons why this tile shape is getting so much love right now.

For one, it stands out against the many millions of choices in squares and rectangles.  Even in a tile showroom like ours, known for a wide and ranging tile selection, an arabesque shape jumps out at you.  Ennui can be a powerful motivator, and straight lines and right angles can get a little monotonous.  The patterns and curving lines in arabesque tile are exciting, and making a selection that excites you makes you look forward to the installation and completed project just a little bit more.  Trust me, there is a difference between buying tile you like and buying tile you’re excited about.

The shape’s appeal crosses lines.  It’s certainly a traditional tile shape, but it’s been modernized. Therefore if you have an older home, it fits right in, where so much of the stuff that’s popular right now does not.

It has the potential to feel very formal and glamorous.

Or if you prefer… super laid back and rustic….

It can make any space more charming…

You can’t tell me you don’t want a charming laundry room!

Appreciation for these intricate shapes implies an appreciation for travel, exotic foods, music and cultures in general.  Accenting your interior with patterns so rich in history infers a worldliness that a 12” square simply cannot do.

So, if you want to spice up your selections, may I suggest?

You can find this tile shape in colors or neutrals, patterns or solids, flat or embossed. It’s available in ceramics, metals, stone and every kind of glass tile.  For examples of all of these and more, please visit our Pinterest page.


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Written by Deb O’Connor