If there’s one thing that unites those who make the decision to install new tile floors, it’s how often they proclaim wishing they had done it sooner. We may not spend great portions of our days thinking about new flooring, but once you’ve seen the visual impact it can have on an entire home, it’s understandable why so many homeowners choose premium tile for their project. Premium tile looks amazing, endures longer, and has a distinctive appearance that simply can’t be explained in words.

black and white geometric tile design with bench

At Concept II Tile in Rochester, each member of our staff is dedicated to helping you create custom tile designs that match your vision perfectly. If you’ve been considering new floors for your home and aren’t sure on which material to choose, here are just a few reason to consider premium tile from Concept II.

  • We stock the most diverse collection of artisan-grade tile in Rochester
  • Our inventory includes tile selections from the world’s most esteemed makers
  • An expert design staff to help you select the best tile for your project
  • Our showroom is exquisitely lighted to help reveal the fine details of each piece
  • We stock superior-quality tile in a wide array of sizes, shapes and patterns
  • Expert tile floor installation to ensure perfection from start to finish

Whether you’re remodeling a recently purchased home in the Rochester area, or a longtime resident who’s looking to enhance the look of your kitchen, bathroom, foyer or other interior living space, the professionals at Concept II Tile are ready to help make it happen. Get in touch with our staff to learn more, discuss your ideas, or schedule a complementary consultation. And be sure to visit our tile showroom the next time you’re in the area to see what sets our selection and unmistakable quality apart.

Concept II Tile is located at 349 West Commercial Street in Rochester, NY and open 6 days a week. For additional information or special inquiries give us a call at 585-248-3511 or send us an email via our website’s contact page .