Choosing the right pool tile is more than just design esthetics, it can mean the difference between a long-lasting product and a short-lived one. Using high quality pool approved tile for your pool is imperative. At our tile store, we have several excellent options for pool tile which are not only approved for your pool design, they are well-manufactured and stunning!

Glass Tile for Pools

Much of the glass tile from Oceanside Glasstile is approved for use in pools. Glass tile beautifully reflects light and sparkles beneath water creating a shimmering affect. Glass tile is often made in part of recycled materials, which is an added benefit. Oceanside Glasstile is what we refer to as “good glass tile,” meaning that it is made of high quality glass and is properly annealed. The annealing process is the cooling process of the glass. Allowing the glass to cool slowly prevents weaknesses within the glass which could cause it to fail. This is especially important for pools where tile must meet higher standards than tile installed in other applications.

Pool Tile vs. Non-Pool Tile

Pool tile must be well-manufactured and extremely durable tile. Poor manufacturing can create product defects, which could mean cracked glaze, spotting, broken and popping tile. Glaze quality is extremely important – pool tile must be able to withstand submersion in water, water pressure, expansion and contraction of grout, full sun, chemically treated water, heat, freezing and increased wear. Pool approved tile is usually impervious and sometimes vitreous. Impervious tile will absorb up to 0.5% of moisture. Vitreous tile will absorb up to 3% of moisture. Tiles which are not impervious or vitreous will absorb more moisture, degrading more quickly and staining, particularly in areas with water. Because pool tile is submerged in water much of the time, it must be as water resistant as possible. Some of the beautiful glass carried in our showroom meets these requirements, as well as some of our ceramic tile.

Ceramic Tile for Pools

Although ceramic tile doesn’t seem as obvious of a choice for pools as glass tile, it can be equally beautiful and is often more cost effective. Ceramic tiles come in wonderful blues and greens to compliment pool water. Ceramic tile glazes can be shiny or matte – shiny glazes are often used in pools because they reflect light compliment water, much like glass tile does.

Choosing Pool Tile

In the end, choosing to tile your pool with pool approved tile is not only practical, it is beautiful. Pool tile can be custom; it comes in interesting patterns, beautiful colors and varied shapes. Tile can be used in areas as small as a border and as luxurious as spillways, waterfalls and vanishing edges or as large as an entire pool surface. Colors can be coordinated with the indoor spaces, colors of the ocean, or warm beachy palettes. Whatever color or pattern you choose, your tiled pool is sure to last many hot summers.