Tile floor is ideal for any area of the home and is most commonly found in kitchensbathrooms, foyers or hallways, laundry rooms and sunrooms. Rectangular tile has been by far the most popular floor tile over the past 10 years. With the variety of options for tile materials, the first decision is what tile suits your application and aesthetic. Once you’ve chosen your tile, then you’ll choose what pattern the tile will be laid in. To help you choose, we’ve listed the most popular patterns people shopping in our tile store choose for their rectangular tile.

herringbone tile grid pattern


(not to be confused with Chevron, which is next on our list)

- Tiles are interlocked at a 90° angle

- By running the pattern at a 45° angle to the short wall, you will have a zig-zag pattern

- Another option is the lay the tile a 90° to the short wall, which creates a subtler pattern

- This pattern draws more attention to the floor tile and creates interest

chevron tile grid pattern


- Chevron and Herringbone are often confused because they both create a zig-zag pattern

- Chevron pattern is different from Herringbone where the tiles connect. The tiles are cut at an angle so that they fit together making a ‘V’ shape, rather than being butted against each other as they are in a Herringbone pattern.

- Chevron tiles are rectangular tiles that are cut at installation or are pre-cut in to create the left and right sides of the ‘V’

- This pattern creates a strong zig-zagging pattern and a lot of visual interest

one-third offset tile grid pattern
one-fourth offset tile grid pattern

One-Third or One-Fourth Offset

- The second tile in the pattern is 1/3 or 1/4 off the first tile and then the third tile returns to the location of the first tile; every other tile steps and returns.

- Your eye will notice the line of the grout more than it would in other patterns

- Tile manufacturers may recommend that tile be set at a certain percentage off the next

- This is a simple pattern

50% offset tile grid pattern

50% Offset

- A 50% offset pattern is also called brick pattern or running bond.

- This pattern is best for smaller tiles, because it extenuates the bow in a tile creating a pillowing effect (or dip) at the short ends of the tile.

- This is a simple and classic pattern.

one-third stepped tile grid pattern

One-Third Stepped

- In a 1/3 stepped pattern, every tile steps 1/3 from the last, creating the appearance of drifting.

- This pattern creates visual interest and draws the eye across the floor.

soldier tile grid patternhorizontal stack tile grid pattern

Horizontal Stack or Soldier 

- This is also called straight lay. 

- Stacked tiles are lined up identically with each other in a horizontal stack or soldier (vertical stack).

- With low contrast grout, this pattern has low visual interest. With high contrast grout, it creates a grid-like pattern on the floor.

- This is a modern style layout and very simple. 


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