When choosing flooring, many people consider their lifestyle and the wear-and-tear the floor will need to endure. Dogs can be particularly hard on floors - tracking dirt into the house and digging nails into the floor when they run and play.

Clients come to our tile store looking for flooring that is dog-proof. They're shopping here because they already know that tile flooring holds up better than hardwood flooring or carpet. But, what they often don't know is that best kind tile for dogs is porcelain tile. Porcelain tile is deceiving - it sounds like it would be more fragile, but it is actually the most durable surface you can install in your home. 

Porcelain tile is extremely scratch-resistant and will last for many years when installed correctly. Stone tile can also be a good option for dogs, but some stone options are porous, staining easily, while others are soft, marring easily. Particularly for areas where mud and water will be tracked in, porcelain tile is the best choice for your furry family members. Porcelain tile is also accident resistant and will not absorb liquids or stain. One of the greatest benefits of porcelain tile in dog households is the ease of maintenance and cleaning. (Dogs also love lying on cool tile flooring on hot summer days.)

We all love our dogs like they are family members, so giving them the freedom to run and play without worrying that they will damage the floor is an important part of having a great life with your pet. Stop into our tile store to shop our vast selection of porcelain tile!