With so many families making the move to Western NY, it’s no surprise that not every room in every recently-purchased home looks exactly the way we might like. There may be rooms that are perfect as-is, as well as those in dire need of a makeover to reflect your unique sense of style. As many are discovering, tile is a wonderful way to give your new home or residential rehab project a look that’s modern, distinctive and sophisticated. At Concept II Tile in Rochester, we’re proud to offer a vast selection of premium tile from around the world, to help you create interior living spaces that are a far cry from typical.

Using Tile to Transform Your New Home
As the leading provider of superior-quality tile in Rochester, Concept II specializes in tile that you simply won’t find at local big-box home improvement stores. Here are just a few of the many ways in which you can transform the look of your new home using creative tile designs.

  • Custom tile bathrooms flooring and wall accents
  • Decorative shower tile patterns and tub surrounds
  • Tiled kitchen floors, backsplashes and center islands
  • Fully-customized tile designs for hallways and corridors
  • Tile accent walls and borders for a more distinct look
  • Custom tile shelves and decorative accents to add color
  • Feeling creative? Tile is perfect for creating your own artwork

If you’re in Rochester, NY or the Western NY area and dealing with one or more rooms that are ready for some remodeling TLC, we invite you to learn more about the nearly boundless creative options tile offers. Concept II specializes exclusively in artisan-grade tile products from some of the world’s most esteemed makers, and staffs a team of professional designers to help you create the perfect design for whatever room you’re looking to improve.

The Concept II Tile showroom is located at 349 W. Commercial Street in Rochester, NY. To learn more, discuss your project or speak with one of our design staff, get in touch by calling 585-248-3511 or write to us via email through our website’s contact page.