Regardless of whether you’re remodeling, rehabbing, or building a new home from scratch, creating custom tile designs is a fun and rewarding way to give your home a completely one-of- a-kind look.  Tile can be used to create everything from the most subtle borders and accents, to visually stunning mosaics, wall designs, floor arrangements and countless other clever applications.  At Concept II Tile in Rochester, we’ve seen just how artistic todays’ homeowners can get when remodeling with tile, and are committed to helping you bring any vision to life. 

woman reading a book in front of fireplace

Concept II Tile offers a diverse selection of premium, artisan-grade tile products from local makers and many around the world, the majority of which won’t be found at the most popular home improvement stores.  Here are just a few of the boundless ways to get creative with your tile projects.     

  • A unique kitchen tile backsplash to distinguish appearance and protect surfaces
  • Complete tile wall arrangements of your favorite art, colors or scenery
  • 1” tile to create the appearance of waves on tubs, showers and whirlpools
  • Original and artistic tile floor designs using a mix of varying tile sizes and tones
  • Monogrammed tile designs for foyers, patios, pools, basements, bars and more
  • Fully-customized bathroom tile designs to create a more relaxing atmosphere

These are, of course, just a few options on how original you can get when working with tile during your remodeling project.  And whether you’re planning on going full DIY or hiring a professional installer, Concept II invites you to discover what sets us apart from so many other tile stores in Rochester, NY.  We staff a team of expert designers, and our showroom has been uniquely crafted to better showcase color, lines and other elements. 

The Concept II Tile showroom is located at 349 West Commercial Street in East Rochester, at the Piano Works Mall.  Get in touch by phone at 585-248-3511 or send your questions to us via email through our contact page.