marble kitchen backsplash with white cabinets and stove

Concept II Tile store is not your ordinary tile store. When you visit our showroom, you will find a vast selection of some of the finest tile options. The comment we hear most from first-time visitors is, “everything here is beautiful,” and we think that is true. On their own, clients would struggle to select the tile that reflects their individual artistic style while also meeting the needs and constraints of their space and budget. We like to think of our tile designers as tile “librarians.” In this article we’ve listed for you the important questions to answer in anticipation of your Concept II Tile consultation. With these answers “in hand,” our tile designers will help you find the perfect tile to make your home design come to life.

What is the style & color scheme of the space?

Bring photos of your space. When thinking about your tile installation, it is important to bring photos of the things about your space that will remain the same. If you are only retiling the floor of your bathroom, for example, what type of tile you have in the shower will impact the type of tile you choose for the floor. If you have an open floor plan, consider bringing the colors of the adjoining rooms. Our tile designers can help make sure that not only does the new tile match the rest of the room in color, but also in design esthetic and layout.

black and white moroccan style decor

What are your inspirations?

Bring your Pinterest pins or magazine pages. We want to help you create your vision. We have an enormous tile selection and that can be overwhelming, but there are usually just a handful of good fits for your design. Seeing pictures of things you like will help us narrow down your options. Clients bring us all sorts of inspiration – fabric they love, photos of a friend’s bathroom, a resort they stayed at – many clients show us their Pinterest accounts. (Find our tile Pinterest account here!) Sometimes we find that clients are not sure what they like about the photos they’re inspired by. Here is where our tile designers come in. They are experts at finding the common thread between your inspiration photos – colors, materials, styles, etc.

Do you have other materials already selected?

Bring samples of the other materials in your space. Matching your new tile to existing materials or materials you have already selected is easiest when you bring an actual sample of the materials with you. This could be a kitchen counter top, cabinet door color, tile that is staying in the space, molding, curtain, etc. When choosing tile for your kitchen, it is particularly important that you have already selected your cabinets and counter top, as there are fewer options for these pieces of your project.

Where is the tile being installed?

Know where you plan to install the tile: floor, wall, shower, backsplash, fireplace, pool, etc. Where your tile is being installed will determine what kind of tile is best for that space and will help narrow down your options. For example, stone can be beautifully applied to a backsplash. However, ledger stone with it’s rough surfaces and varied depths would be nearly impossible to clean food messes from. Knowing where your tile is going to be installed will help our designers guide you towards tiles that are both beautiful and practical for your application.

How much wear and tear will your tile get?

Consider the level and kind of activity your surface will endure. Different tiles are rated for different levels of wear. Ceramic tile is often rated for low-traffic floors because it can scratch more easily than other types of tile. Using ceramic tile for a mudroom where there is a lot of traffic with dirty and wet shoes would not be recommended. Likewise, if you have dogs running around your house, ceramic tile will need to be replaced, where a porcelain tile would not.  Sharing the level of wear and the type of activities that will happen on your tile helps our designers recommend tile best suited for your space.

chevron wood tile entryway with pillows and rainboots

How big is the space?

Measure the square footage for your tile. Knowing the exact square footage of tile needed for your application will allow our designers to estimate the cost of your tile. Most importantly, knowing the accurate square footage needed will ensure that the right quantity of tile is ordered.

What is your budget?

Create a budget for your tile ahead of your tile store visit. When you visit our tile store, you will find that the cost per square foot of tile can range widely. Backsplash tile will generally be more expensive than floor tile. Knowing what you’re comfortable spending for your tile, overall, is very helpful in narrowing down your options.

Schedule Your Consultation

Now that you’ve answered these questions and have the answers prepared to bring with you to our showroom, all you have left to do is stop in or give us a call to set up a consultation with one of our tile designers. These sessions are free of charge and absolutely invaluable. Your perfect tile is here waiting for you and our tile “librarians” will help you locate it!